The first generation of GPU instances was introduced by AWS back in 2010. The industry has changed dramatically since then and nowadays server-side GPUs are widely used for a broad range of tasks - from machine learning to media processing. In this article we’re going to build a server that can securely run graphical applications in isolated environments and leverage on the power of modern GPUs.

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Building and operating a machine learning system is a process that consists of many components and involves multiple specialists with various skill sets. The iterative nature and constant evolution of such systems amplifies the complexity to the point that it could become challenging to handle it even for a large and experienced team. Luckily, with the right tools at hands, it is possible to streamline this journey. Let’s take a look on how such pipeline could be built from the ground up.

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Computer vision in general and facial recognition in particular are rapidly growing fields of computer science that can be beneficial in or even revolutionize some areas, such as transportation or retail. In this article we’re going to look closely at how such system could be built.

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