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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an ongoing revolution that you can't ignore. Cloud provides virtually infinite resources at your disposal with no upfront investment and pay-as-you-go model. Whether you're creating a new or migrating an existing application to a cloud, our team is here to help.
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Serverless Applications
Why manage servers youself when you can just use a platform that will do that for you? Serverless computing is a modern approach to cloud applications that offloads the task of managing of server resources. Build and ship your products faster than your competitors with our expertise in serverless.
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Web Applications
Web is the media that billions of people interact with on a daily basis. You can't think of a business that is not present on the Internet nowadays. Web technologies are changing so fast that only true professionals can keep up with it and provide solid results.
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Mobile Applications
Many users expects from a business that works online to have a dedicated mobile application. Mobile development can drain a lot of resources, especially if you want to reach all platforms. Our team utilizes an approach that can help you to deliver mobile applications quickly and easily.
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Data Analytics
Data is the new oil and your business can benefit greatly if you realize that. Transforming into a data company or even just applying practices of data analysis can be a challenging task with a steep learning curve, but you can always count on us and the experience that we have in this field.
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Machine Learning
It's the 21st century and computers can reason on their own. Machine learning is based on the idea that a system can learn from its data, identify patterns and make decisions with no human intervention. Gain an edge over the competition with the help of computers doing the work for you.
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We provide you with strong value digital solutions customized according to your business needs. Working with various technologies, we make sure you optimize your final results.



Fraser Millband
Founder, Advertising Network
Their knowledge and experience was the best I've found for this specific task in my industry. The product has increased our productivity and revenue by over 100% so far. I expect this tool to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue to our business over the next 12 months.
Andrew Luna
CEO, Pet Care Software Company
The team have been great to work with, responsive, and deliver on target and budget. A well-received website has resulted from Devalent's development efforts. Clear, consistent communication paved the way for quick response times and regular status updates. The client appreciates the team's dedication to completing the website in time for its pre-launch.

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