Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an ongoing revolution that you can't ignore. Cloud provides virtually infinite resources at your disposal with no upfront investment and pay-as-you-go model. Whether you're creating a new or migrating an existing application to a cloud, our team is here to help.

Cloud is the ideal platform for startup companies and new products with its ability to scale to their needs. Whether you're launching a prototype to test the market or you have a successful project going through an explosive growth, cloud can suit your needs and won't become a disaster for your budget. With a cloud, you can easily replicate your system globally when you'll think that you are ready. And not to mention that the maintenance costs of cloud systems are usually a few times lower or even zero compared to traditional solutions.

Amazon Web Services
The industry leader, a powerful and sophisticated platform for applications of any scale. Our team is highly experienced with it and has officially certified developers.
Docker is a container for applications, that allows them to run securely and to scale easily. We use it for almost any cloud application and have a deep expertise.
There are multiple options when it comes to handling a cloud infrastructure, but our team recommends Pulumi. Depending on your needs, we can also use AWS CDK or Terraform.

Digital Signage Platform

Digital signage is signage that works electronically. It refers to display technologies like LED walls and LCD monitors to display marketing messages or useful information. Managing a large fleet of displays distributed across multiple locations is a challenging task on its own, but building a robust content delivery system for real-time updates brings the complexity to a whole new level. And our team has successfully completed that challenge.

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Leverage Cloud Computing to Reach Your Goals

Virtually infinite resources at your disposal
No upfront investment and pay-as-you-go model
Automatically scale up or down
Little or no maintenance costs
Global reach at a fraction of the cost

Do you have an existing application that you want to move to the cloud? Or do you need help building a new one? Either way, our top-notch cloud experts can help you.

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