Mobile Application Development

Many users expects from a business that works online to have a dedicated mobile application. Mobile development can drain a lot of resources, especially if you want to reach all platforms. Our team utilizes an approach that can help you to deliver mobile applications quickly and easily.

Creating a mobile application that can run on both iOS and Android takes twice as much of effort. These platforms don't have much in common and you will need two separate development teams to work towards the goal. Our team relies on a different approach that allows us to build an app once and run it on any platforms - a so-called hybrid application. It is based on web technologies and you can do anything that you would do with a regular app with it. Even more, it is possible to tranform an existing website into an application that has access to all platform features that mobile apps do. And with hybrid apps you don't have to wait for the application review to complete before you release an updated version, your users can receive updates instantly.

Ionic is a powerful platform for quickly building applications that can run on any mobile platform. It is the default choice of our team and we have mastered it.
Progressive Web Apps
To put it simply, a PWA is a website that can be installed as an application on users' mobile phones and get access to mobile platform features. This is a very powerful approach that we recommend for most apps.
Cordova is another flavor of cross-platform mobile development which has its own pros and cons compared to Ionic, which we have successfully used in many projects.

Drive-through Kiosks Software

Fast food and drive-through restaurants are all about quick customer service. When every second counts, the right automation and software can make a huge difference. Combining all the expertise that our team has gained, we have built an application for self-service kiosks and a cloud platform for ordering. These products have been battle-tested and are now being used by famous restaurant chains across the US.

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