Serverless Applications

Why manage servers youself when you can just use a platform that will do that for you? Serverless computing is a modern approach to cloud applications that offloads the task of managing of server resources. Build and ship your products faster than your competitors with our expertise in serverless.

Serverless computing takes the power of cloud to the next level. Instead of worrying about your infrastructure, your development team can focus on bringing your product to life. With its seamless resource scaling, there is no difference in handling just ten users or ten millions of them. And with its novel payment model, you pay only for the actual usage, not the time your server sits there and waits.

Hassle-free development tools that serverless platforms provide are ideal for prototyping, while still being production-grade fast and secure. It is an ideal foundation for modern web and mobile applications and a solution to the challenges that they encounter. And all of that comes with no upfront investment, making it ideal for startups and small companies.

Serverless Framework
An infamous tool for building serverless applications on any major cloud platform. Our team used it on dozens of successful projects and many more to come.
Edge Computing
A paradigm in which compute resources are brought close to end users in order to have a faster response time. We have built several apps that leverage that approach and have a solid experience in it.
Amazon DynamoDB is a cloud-native database with no servers to manage. It can withstand virtually any load, but making the most out of it is a challenging task and we know how to do that.
Google's industry-leading serverless backend for web and mobile applications. Our team can cook anything with it, just ask.
AWS Amplify
Amazon's response to Firebase. A platform that integrates nicely with the rest of AWS products and we use it whenever we need a mobile client for that cloud.

Temperature Kiosks Software

The pandemic brought strict rules that public venues must comply to in order to stay open. One of such rules was a temperature measurement of staff & visitors, as well as a mandatory face mask wearing in some places. An autonomous kiosk built for that purpose allowed businesses to cut costs on staff and to ensure public safety. And once that requirement was lifted, kiosks found their place in access control thanks to built-in facial recognition software.

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Go Beyond with Serverless

Lowest time to market
Zero maintainability costs
Seamless resource scaling
Multiple times cheaper than traditional servers
Pay only for the actual usage, not server time
Ideal for prototyping
Fast and secure
No upfront investments

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