Web Application Development

Web is the media that billions of people interact with on a daily basis. You can't think of a business that is not present on the Internet nowadays. Web technologies are changing so fast that only true professionals can keep up with it and provide solid results.

Web has evolved greatly over the past years to become a universal platform for websites and web application. It takes a lot of effort to build a complex web app, but the results are worth it: you can reach billions of users on any device and without a need to install anything. Modern web development tools allow to build fast and fluid user interfaces that are easy to work with on both desktop and mobile. And powerful backend technologies bring interactive and engaging experience for the users.

React is the standard for client applications nowadays and we have lots and lots of experience with it.
Angular is a powerful and mature development framework for complex applications that we use on a daily basis.
Vue is a popular framework that developers love. And happy developers will get you solid gains.
Our platform of choice for web and API development is Node.js and we have really mastered it. It is fast and works well in cloud environments.
Next is a no-brainer when you want to build a website, and we use it for that task too. The website that you're looking at is a good example of a Next app.
TypeScript has de facto replaced JavaScript in professional web development. So did we, started using it several years ago for all new projects.

Online Education Platform

Online education has been one of the hottest things on the Internet in the past few years. But this project is not just about education, it's an innovative tool that can assist you in studying just anything. With a novel idea and a scientific approach, it can help you to memorize a text or any graphical information quick and easy. Our team has developed this platform from the ground up and it's now a recognizable and profitable online business.

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Modern Web Applications of Any Complexity

Websites and web applications
Fast, feature-rich UI
Optimized for both desktop and mobile
React, Angular or Vue
Node.js to power the backend

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