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Performance marketing blends paid advertising and brand marketing, but only paid out once the completed desired action takes place. It is a fast-paced environment where gaining an edge is the most important things that separates winners from losers. Unsurprisingly, this environment is fertile ground for the flourishing of machine learning and data science. The combination of Devalent's proficiency in data applications and our clients' drive for innovation has birthed a solution with tangible financial benefits.

Tech Stack

Amazon AWSServerlessRedisMongoDBAmazon DynamoDBReact

Our client, a performance marketing agency, operates an online advertisement platform. While most of the ad campaigns are meticulously targeted by their publishers, there are instances where the platform has to distribute the advertisement traffic automatically. In response to this need, Devalent has built a sub-system that predicts which advertisements should be targeted to such users. This algorithms, built on sophisticated machine learning technologies, re-tunes itself automatically in response to changing conditions, eliminating the need for human intervention. As the result, the company has increased their revenue by over 100% on their automated campaigns.

The systems runs in AWS cloud and spans over multiple geographical locations, which results in low latency and fault tolerance. It is completely automated and does not require any governance. Whenever the load increases or decreases, it scales up or down automatically, which allows to optimize costs and to handle ad campaigns of any size and duration.


Fraser Millband
Founder, Advertising Network
Their knowledge and experience was the best I've found for this specific task in my industry. The product has increased our productivity and revenue by over 100% so far. I expect this tool to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue to our business over the next 12 months.

Key Features

Cost-effective and brings revenue
Does not require any administration
Runs in the cloud
Automatically scales up and down
Fault-tolerant and fast
Integrated with the existing system

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