Digital Signage Platform

Digital signage is signage that works electronically. It refers to display technologies such as LED walls and LCD monitors that display marketing messages or useful information. Managing a large fleet of displays distributed across multiple locations is a challenging task on its own, but building a robust content delivery system for real-time updates brings complexity to a new level. Our team has successfully completed this challenge.

Tech Stack

Amazon AWSServerlessExpressRedisMongoDBPostgreSQLGraphQLAngularIonicElectronAndroidWindows

In the past, digital signage software used to be demanding and clumsy. To add new content to a TV or a video wall, you had to manually put an SD card into it with media files generated by a desktop application. You cannot manage your devices remotely and you cannot even be sure that they are still on. Things like playback reports, interactive content or targeted advertising were either non-existent or in their early days. It all changed when Devalent built and released a new digital signage platform. Its web-based visual editor for creating dynamic content, one-click content updates for thousands of remote devices and rich monitoring capabilities were recipes for success.

Built natively for the cloud and leveraging a microservice approach, the platform is capable of propagating terabytes of content updates and communicating with hundreds of thousands of devices in real-time. It collects dozens of telemetry metrics and provides instant reports and alerts. Its visual editor with pre-built templates allows customers to quickly create professionally looking campaigns of any kind: from digital menus to huge video walls that consist of several displays.

Key Features

Massively scalable global content delivery system
Real-time connectivity for swarms of devices
Fault-tolerant microservice architecture
Rich media capabilities
Client apps for all major platforms
Instant reports and metrics
Automatic device monitoring and alerts
Easy to use web-based CMS

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