Drive-through Kiosks Software

Fast food and drive-through restaurants prioritize swift customer service. When every second counts, the right automation and software can make a huge difference. Combining all the expertise that our team has gained, we built an application for self-service kiosks and a cloud platform for ordering. These products have been battle-tested and are now being used by famous restaurant chains across the US.

Tech Stack

Amazon AWSAWS AmplifyMongoDBGraphQLServerlessAngularIonicAndroidiOS

Software for a fast-food restaurant cannot afford to be anything, but instant. The user interface must be fluid and easy to use, and orders must be placed without delay. With this in mind, our team has created the best ordering software that we've ever seen. It runs on a large touchscreen display mounted in a kiosk, and is intended to be used from within a car. On the other hand, the wire is a point-of-sale application running on any Android or iOS tablet. The two apps are connected via a cloud platform; therefore, the system installation is trivial and fast.

A mission-critical software such as this must meet high standards of fault tolerance and low latency, that why we used a serverless approach with multi-region replication. Thanks to the pay-per-request model, the system is economical to operate and has a predictable scaling. It provides an API for developers to integrate with any external system, like a point of sale application or business intelligence tools. And its client apps are based on Ionic, so they are instantly available for all major platforms and can instantly receive software updates.

Key Features

Fast and responsive mobile apps
Runs on all major platforms
Real-time cloud communication
Fault-tolerant infrastructure
Cost-effective and scalable
Developer APIs for integration

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