Online Education Platform

Online education has been one of the most popular services on the Internet in the past few years. But this project is not just about education, it's an innovative tool that can assist you in studying just anything. With a novel idea and a scientific approach, it can help you to memorize a text or any graphical information quickly and easily. Our team has developed this platform from the ground up and it's now a and profitable online business.

Tech Stack

Amazon AWSMySQLPHPReactStripe

The platform provides a scientifically proven approach to memorizing, which can assist you in studying. By using its graphical readers, study calendars, collaborative learning, and other tools, you can greatly increase your productivity. The website is also optimized for mobile devices, so you can always study on the go.

The platform runs on AWS and has a classic cloud web app architecture, that can automatically scale to handle as many users as needed. It utilizes Amazon's CDN network for global reach and is based on proven open-source software, making it's operation inexpensive and predictable. The payment processing is performed by Stripe, an industry leader in a de-facto standard in online subscriptions. Last but not least, the website has a rich React-based user interface that is fast and pleasant.

Key Features

Time-proven application architecture
Elastic cloud scale
Only open-source software
Stripe integration for payment processing
Rich and fast user interface

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