Temperature Kiosks Software

The pandemic brought strict rules that public venues must comply to in order to stay open. One of such rules was a temperature measurement of staff & visitors, as well as a mandatory face mask wearing in some places. An autonomous kiosk built for that purpose allowed businesses to cut costs on staff and to ensure public safety. And once that requirement was lifted, kiosks found their place in access control thanks to built-in facial recognition software.

Tech Stack

Amazon AWSAWS AmplifyGraphQLServerlessReactIonicAndroid

The temperature kiosks, which is basically a tablet on a stand with a temperature sensor, was a real saver for small businesses. Purposely built during the pandemic, it allows to automatically measure the temperature of visitors, denying access if they have a fewer. It can also detect whether the person in front of it is wearing a face mask - another requirement that was in place in some areas. Another use for the kiosk is access control for staff, based on either RFID cards or facial recognition. The kiosks are completely autonomous, but can be connected to a cloud for e-mail alerts and reporting.

Our team built the kiosk software for Android, which utilizes fast and mobile-optimized machine learning models for computer vision, as well as their cloud platform. It abides by strict rules of processing of health and other personal data, while still being a completely serverless solution, which makes it inexpensive to operate. The platform provides a web application for administrators, which allows to manage the device fleet, monitor them in real-time, generate various reports and access their billing. A GraphQL API is also available for the clients that want to integrate with their enterprise workflows.

Key Features

Mobile optimized facial recognition software
Completely autonomous with a cloud option
Secure and lawful personal data processing
Serverless cloud platform with low operational costs
Provides an API for integration and extensibility

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